It might look like a Ferrari 308 at a distance, but this is their first supercar. Group B Rally Racing was one of the most competitive (and deadly) motorsports of all time. To capitalize on the off-road success, a Group B circuit series aimed to put these potent machines on the track. Each manufacturer had to sell 200 examples to the public to be eligible, and Ferrari built 272 cars. They are rare and incredibly valuable, so here is David Lee's Ferrari 288 GTO on Jay Leno's Garage.

Back when cars were named after their engines, this 2.88L V8 was paired with twin turbos to make 400 horsepower and 366 lb-ft of torque. That might not sound spectacular today, but the curb weight is only 2,500 lbs. A car this light with such power is incredibly fast, and you don't have any safety systems for protection. The sticker price was $100,000 in 1984, which equates to $2,480,000 today.

That is close to their selling price whenever one of these rare beauties comes to market, so tell us what you think of the car that brought Ferrari into the modern era. If you need something more modern, check out these great deals on the F12berlinetta and stay with us for all your Jay Leno updates.

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