England's automotive industry was in shambles after WWII. It was 1946 and Sir David Brown saw a classified listing for a luxury car company. The price was £30,000, and the rest is history. From the DB1 to the DB11, Aston Martin has built opulent masterpieces using traditional methods. There is nothing wrong with front engine, RWD V8 and V12 Grand Tourers, but it looks like it is time for a change. If you are curious about where they are heading, Top Gear explains Aston Martin's Mid Engine supercars.

Starting on the right, the Vanquish will arrive in 2022 as their first production mid engine hybrid. Using a twin turbo V6 along with a hybrid system, it will compete against the McLaren 720S and the Ferrari F8 Tributo. Next to it is the wild AM-RB-003. Taking lessons learned on the Valkyrie, a new carbon fiber chassis has active suspension and another twin turbo hybrid V6. Using a flexible carbon rear spoiler, it is easy to see who they have in their crosshairs. Tell us what you think of these in the comments below and stay with us for all your Top Gear updates.

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