So what happens when incredible power is harnessed by the latest technology? In the case of Lamborghini's flagship, our friend Brooks from DragTimes did the unthinkable. In their latest upload, a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Wheelie sets a new 1/4 mile record. The latest Raging Bull is exponentially more composed than its predecessor. Enabling "Thrust Mode" in a Murciealago not only burned the clutch, but it was also very hard on the driveline.

It seems as if years of development have gone into the Aventador SVJ because this footage is proof of the car's abilities. The technology that governs the center differential along with careful mapping of the ignition timing allows the SVJ to be the first known Lamborghini to lift a front wheel. This also serves to put muscle cars on notice: your exclusivity on wheelies is over! Thanks to the Dragtimes team for capturing this, now I have to shop for new drag radials. Stay with us for all your Dragtimes updates!

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