If you have enough currency to afford a new McLaren Senna, you probably know how to enjoy the finer things in life. It is unfortunate that many supercar owners never push their cars to the limit, so the public is forced to live vicariously through videos and the best car magazine of all time. As such, our friends at Motorsport Magazine decided to film a McLaren Senna 0-183 MPH test run at Lurcy-Lévis.

The French test track includes a 1 kilometer straight for just such a test. Breaking in a new car should be done carefully to make sure the piston rings and valvetrain find there forever homes. This car only had 3,133 miles at the time of filming, so there is no turning back now. Needless to say, this was done on a closed course with a professional driver. It goes to show you just how capable the Senna is, so maybe you think you can handle it. Click the link below to find one near you and stay with us for all your McLaren news.

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