Immense power and incredible aerodynamics are why the GT2 RS and GT3 exist. Along with a formidable price, both cars are only available in rear-wheel drive. That is why our friends at TECHART have unleashed the GTstreet RS.

Based on the 991.2 Porsche 911 Turbo S, it will arrive with extensive upgrades and all-wheel drive. Taking inspiration from their 2017 GTstreet R, the only factory parts remaining can be counted on one hand.

Starting with a new front spoiler, the fenders and hood are their proprietary designs. More than just a body kit, the NACA ducts and fender vents are the culmination of extensive aerodynamic modeling.

Since it is wider than its predecessor, the extended rocker panels transition into flared quarter panels. The side intakes are also exaggerated in order to cool what lies beneath.

They feed air into new turbos and intake of their own design. This results in 770 horsepower in a lighter car. Weight reduction was achieved by the use of forged carbon instead of traditional carbon fiber. The use of such an innovative material sets TECHART apart from lesser imitations, and it allows the GTstreet RS to be the only 911 to offer this state-of-the-art composite.

Inside you are treated to the Clubsport interior. A floor of Alcantara is light & durable, and the seats are a 2-tone design of leather and virgin wool. TECHART has been improving the world’s best cars since 1987, so visit for all the details.

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