We know what you are expecting. Carfection videos always involve our friend Henry Catchpole driving on a gloomy road in Wales or Scotland. But perhaps he has his sights on warmer climates? In his latest upload, the McLaren 720S Spider Road Review is set in Arizona.

Although the 720S coupe and its convertible counterpart look similar, the amount of engineering that went into the 720S Spider is unbelievable. Not only does it have an elctrochromatic roof, but the buttresses are also clear acrylic. This offers an incredible, almost 360-degree view. The same can't be said for the coupe. He does imply that the Spider might have less rigidity compared to the coupe, but McLaren have not compromised on any convertible in their history. Our dealers have all the innovative 720S specs, so click the link below for more info.

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