December is a time for spreading cheer and celebrating the year with friends and family. But for us it means a new season of Porsche Top 5! This YouTube series is simply the best automotive entertainment on the internet. The first episode for the 2019 model year was uploaded a few minutes ago and it describes their most coveted models. 

The 917 Spyder from 1973 used a flat twelve and massive turbos to make 1,200 horsepower. Mark Donohue drove the Can-Am beast to victory and it sold for $3 Million. Porsche's first race car has been immortalized by winning the 1956 Targa Florio with only 30 horsepower from a 1.5-liter engine. An original 550A Spyder is worth $5.1 Million.

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In order to compete in the 1997 GT1 season, Porsche was mandated to build 20 street-legal (Strassenversion) examples of the 911 GT1. These 600 horsepower monsters are the first water-cooled examples and are worth $5.6 Million. To win LeMans in 1983, Derek Bell hit speeds over 225 mph. That is why they sell for $10 Million. Finally, the Porsche 917K was the star the movie LeMans, and it's Mezger V12 has a 630 horsepower soundtrack. Finished in iconic Gulf Livery, it sold for $14.8 Million dollars. Tell us your favorite Porsche race car in the comments below and click the link to find your 918 Spyder!

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