It is almost March, and we have already have news you need to know. Our intention is to revisit this post throughout to note the changes made by exotic automakers. Here are our 2019 exotic car industry updates, so tell us what they mean to you in the comments below.

Bugatti Veyron Gearbox

Transmission Tribulation

BMW has made it known that dual-clutch transmissions will be replaced by traditional automatics across their lineup. Innovations in automatic technology have resulted in a bulletproof 10-speed co-developed by Ford and GM. It can be found everywhere from the Raptor to the Camaro ZL1 1LE. Meanwhile, the 2020 Shelby GT500 has a 7-speed DCT as its only option, making it the first GT500 to not offer a manual option. The GT350 carries on with a six-speed stick for now.

You Can't Run With This Bull

Lamborghini asked their Squadra Corse racing department to build their dream car. It resulted in the SC18. They took the best aerodynamic elements of the Huracan GT3 EVO and added them to an Aventador SVJ. Perhaps it is a styling exercise to envision the Aventador's successor, so we applaud their efforts.

David Lee's Dino

Dino Is Coming Soon

Walk into your Ferrari dealer and try to order a 488 GTB, or 488 Spider. Maranello is not accepting new orders because something new is on the horizon. One of Sergio Marchionne's final comments was on the return of the Dino: "not a question of if but when.” A small twin-turbo V6 sports car with an affordable price. Because the 488 Pista makes more torque than the 812 Superfast, their needs to be more of a gap in performance between them.

Bugatti Chiron at Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds

Your Tires Cost How Much?

Owners of the new Bugatti Chiron are glad it didn't inherit the silly cambered tires introduced on the Veyron. Owners of the Veyron who get a flat are forced to ship all 4 wheels to Molsheim, as the Bugatti factory has the only machine capable of installing them. Bugatti dealers are also happy that the Chiron can be serviced in a normal manner, with several tire options available.

It's A Small (Car) World After All

Toyota and BMW were both contemplating new sports cars. BMW needed a new Z4 and Toyota was ready to resurrect the Supra. Both cars were going to use turbocharged straight-6 engines while offering incredible handling and a competitive price. So the companies joined up in an epic partnership. The best of both can be seen in each car, so we all win as a result. Maybe this is an indicator of future industry cooperation.

A High Mileage Direct Injection Intake

Deadly Direct Injection

Injecting fuel directly into the cylinder is fine if you are a diesel. What was seen as a technological marvel when introduced, gasoline direct injection does more harm than it is worth. Without fuel flowing through the intake, carbon and soot buildup on the intake valves to the point of emphysema. That's why Ford's EcoBoost has added an additional port injector, and the Corvette ZR1 has followed suit. The Shelby GT500 doesn't even bother with direct injection, hopefully signaling an end to a troubled era.

P.S. Wranglers In The Rear View

The Jeep Wrangler has been in production since 1941, and Fiat-Chrysler sold 240,032 of them last year!

P.P.S. Where is the mid-engine Corvette?