Have you ever pushed your Porsche 911 too hard? The helpless feeling that comes after you've lost control is usually stopped by drifting along with the spin, unless you are going 152 mph. Such was the case with a recent Porsche GT3 and its owner at Touristenfahrten 2018. Everyone wants a 996-series GT3 (1999-2005) because they are easily converted from street-legal to hardcore track monster. 

The undulating pavement of the Old North Loop makes even the best cars go airborne. Being that the driver stripped out most of the interior, we are probably riding in a 2,800-lb car with at least 400 horsepower. Our friends at TOP Nürburgring Videos allowed us to ride along as the driver was startled by a caution flag. Applying the brakes while it was airborne caused the unfortunate car to land with the rear wheels locked up.

Thankfully the incredible engineering of the 911 and the latest in safety gear allowed him to walk away. Once you are past the limit, always take your hands off the wheel. Going this fast will transform a steering wheel into a meat grinder. Tell us about your worst crash in the comments below, and find a Porsche GT3 near you!.

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