Everyone has a story about the one that got away. Donnie Callaway has been a Ferrari fan since birth, and he stopped by Jay Leno's garage to tell an amazing story. He was a 21-year-old employee of a Ferrari dealer in Newport Beach. Their sales department had a difficult time finding a home for a white Ferrari 308 GTB, and the image of the car was burned into his mind. 

Later on in life he had a successful business restoring Italian classics. One of his parts suppliers alerted him to a high-mileage 308 that was going to be parted out. Their reasoning is that over 80,000 miles, everything will need a total rebuild. The cost of restoring the car was more than it was worth in parts, a reason why many 80's exotic cars for sale are no longer around.

But as Donny researched the car's history, it turned out to be the same white car from two decades prior. This type of coincidence shouldn't happen, and it makes us wonder if it's a glitch in the matrix. Tell us your story about finally finding the car of your dreams, and click the link below to see great offers from our Ferrari dealers.