CollectionSuites is a massive private property harboring exclusive suites, created by collectors for collectors. The one-of-a-kind luxury storage space, nestled in the heart of South Florida, is the brainchild of a passionate and visionary car collector, Juan Manuel Fayen. Each suite was built on innovation, privacy, and exclusivity – a core promise to the CollectionSuites team.

“The idea was borne out of a need,” says Juan Manuel Fayen, founder of CollectionSuites. “As my collection grew, it became clear that finding a place where my cars would not only be safe, but also easily accessible was going to be a challenge. In my career, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing many collectors, most of whom face similar predicaments when it comes to storing and admiring their hard-won assets.”

The four-building complex is comprised of 38 spacious suites ranging from 2,000 to 2,600 square feet. Each suite is uniquely designed to meet the modern collector’s lifestyle, boasting luxury finishes, high-tech features, and extensive security options. Collectors also get access to premium amenities like exclusive concierge services and real-time, operational control through the CollectionSuites app. Eight of the customizable suites, which start at the mid $600K mark, have already been sold since entering the market in March 2018.

Beyond developing a luxury storage space, the team set out to create an unparalleled community for collectors. For Juan Manuel Fayen, the goal was to connect like-minded individuals fueled by a passion for the timeless: “From wine enthusiasts and art procurers to car aficionados, the complex serves as a safe haven for their collections, and the ultimate oasis for the collector.” CollectionSuites hosts a series of in-house and off-site events including art expos, auto racing, fundraisers, and other curated gatherings for the owners-only community.

All the suites are ready for occupancy. Take a private tour of the two gorgeous showrooms and discover the new home for your collection.Schedule a tour of CollectionSuites.

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