If you were to drop $3,400,000 on a car, do you think you'd be able to take it to a drag strip and race it? Many owners would be hard-pressed to take their expensive car out for high-speed runs, but the owner of this Bugatti Chiron went all-out at the drag strip.

Drag Times was with the owner of the Chiron when he took it to the drag strip and recorded the hypercar laying down some 1/4-mile times. The first run was extremely lackluster, due to the Chiron only allowing the car to run up to around 30 mph for some reason. Then the second launch came, which was a massive improvement over the first, although without launch control. Third time seemed to be the lucky one as the driver took the Chiron to what seems like the first 1/4-mile run in the 9's for the model. Check it out below!

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