O'Gara Beverly Hills has two incredible pieces of automotive excellence up for sale: a pair of Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesses. The Vitesse model was created as a combination between the Grand Sport and Super Sport. Most notably, the Vitesse borrows the topless style of Grand Sport and the added power of the Super Sport. Within this pair of French hypercars, there's also a very special "Jean-Pierre Wimille" edition. the first example in Bugatti's Legend Series.

2015 Bugatti Veyron Vitesse

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" This momentous model comes after Bugatti combined the Grand Sport and Super Sport versions into the Grand Sport Vitesse; an open-air Veyron powered by the Super Sport’s 1,200 HP quad-turbo W16 engine. The design declares to reaffirm that Bugatti is the international leader in technology for the automotive industry. Racing driver Anthony Liu has expressed that even at such high speeds the Vitesse remained incredibly comfortable and stable; and that with an open top, you can really experience the sound of the engine without at all getting compromised by the wind. This masterpiece is among one of the last Grand Sport Vitesse cars built for the U.S. Contact us today and experience one of the greatest open-top roadsters ever built. "

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2014 Bugatti Veyron Vitesse "Jean-Pierre Wimille"

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"This superior automobile is the first in Bugatti’s Legend Series and is one of only three ever built for the world, and the only one for North America. Paying tribute to Bugatti’s legendary pilot, Jean-Pierre Wimille, who achieved the brand’s first win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1937 and then repeated the feat two years later. This Vitesse is modelled on the design of Wimille’s 1937 race car, the Bugatti Type 57G Tank. Steeped in history and designed to perfection, each element captures a triumphant moment in time that enhanced Bugatti’s premier reputation. After celebrating its world debut in August 2013 at Pebble Beach, California, you can now find this rare automotive tribute at O’Gara Coach Company Beverly Hills."