McLaren 600LT Price

If you want a stunning supercar that includes dual flamethrowers, the McLaren 600LT price is right for you. The finely sculpted lines of McLaren 600LT price starts at $240,000. Because every McLaren begins life as a convertible, it only caused a slight increase to the McLaren 600LT coupe price. The McLaren 600LT Spider price is only $16,500 more. The folding hardtop operates up to 30 mph, and it allows the occupants to hear and see the dual flames from the upward facing exhaust. This makes the McLaren 600LT Spider price of $256,500 a bargain for the experience.

McLaren 600LT Review

As the first Long Tail in their Sports Series, it does without the complex hydraulic suspension. But this car proves there is nothing wrong with traditional coil springs. It is 2.9" longer than its predecessor. This tail allows it to control the airflow around the car. Not only does this increase downforce, it simply looks gorgeous.

Not only was the tail extended, McLaren engineers revised the front splitter, rocker panels, and the lower rear diffuser. Subtle enhancements inside the carbon fiber monocoque allow the car to be much stronger than any other Sports Series model. Increased stiffness allowed the suspension tuning to be relaxed, offering a comfortable ride. With a dry weight of 2,749 lbs, the McLaren 600LT horsepower of 592 offers obscene acceleration.

McLaren 600LT Specs

If you are in the market for an English supercar, here are the most important McLaren 600LT Specs. Acceleration is always on tap since the curb weight is under 3,000 lbs. The exhaust system is simply top exit pipes on the catalytic converter. The titanium system requires no mufflers, as the larger turbos convert sound into boost. The cutting edge aerodynamics allow the McLaren 600LT top speed is 204 mph in the coupe or 196 mph with the Spider's top down. If you enjoy a battle under the lights, the McLaren 600LT 1/4 Mile averages 10.4 seconds.

  • Price: $240,000
  • Engine: 3.8L Twin Turbo V8
  • Transmission: 7-Speed Dual-Clutch
  • Horsepower: 592
  • Torque: 457 lb-ft
  • 0-60 mph: 2.8
  • 1/4 mile: 10.4
  • Top Speed: 204 mph

McLaren 600LT Engine

A story unlike any other is the history of the McLaren 600LT engine. Nissan wanted to go endurance racing in the 90's, so they built an amazing prototype car with an engine to match. This small V8 uses a Ford firing order for even balance. You wont be worried by belts because the water pump and alternator are shaft-driven. It was shelved for 25 years and mostly forgotten.

But McLaren Engineers tested it to destruction, and they had to have it. Nissan sold the rights and it has been the basis of all modern McLarens. Their secret sauce lies in the 93mm bore and 70mm stroke. This over-square design revs quickly to instantly spool the turbos. The short stroke is also an attribute of long engine life since it has less rotating mass. The turbos are bypassed when cruising, so it allows the McLaren 600LT MPG to 16 city and 23 on the highway.

Hennessey Performance McLaren 600LT Upgrade

McLaren 600LT Transmission

Light cars with power of this magnitude force the transmission to be a superhero. It must be ready for the immense power at full boost. So there was only one company that answered the call. The 600LT transmission is a 7-speed dual-clutch by Graziano. It was the first gearbox to use pre-cog technology. Because even and odd numbered gears have their own shafts, the next gear is already selected and engaged. Pulling the paddle simply swaps one input shaft for another and it allows the McLaren 600LT shift times to be among the fastest production cars.

McLaren 600LT Interior

If you thought all McLarens are the same, the McLaren 600LT interior is a blank canvas. It can be as spartan and race-ready as you need. Starting with the carbon fiber bucket seats, you can delete the A/C system, radio, door pockets, glove box, carpets, and virtually everything except the gauges and glass. On the other hand, it can be completely decked out in leather and Alcantara. If you want something truly unique, McLaren Special Operations will build it exactly to your specifications.

McLaren 600LT Brakes

If you see a bad situation ahead, having proper stopping gear can be the difference between life and death. Because the long tail allows it to cut through the air, the McLaren 600LT brakes are quite impressive. If you are cruising at 124 mph (181 feet per second), a panic stop only takes 384 feet. If you think that is impressive, 62 mph to 0 can be done in only 102 feet. This requires meaty rotors, so the rear are 14.9" and the fronts are a whopping 15.34". Carbon ceramic is the material of choice for daily drivers, and the aftermarket will undoubtedly offer iron for track days.

Justin Bell Tests out the McLaren 600LT Spider

McLaren 600LT Standout Features

Starting with the most obvious, the McLaren 600LT standout features begin with aggressive aerodynamics. From the front fender vents to the enlarged side intakes, it was designed to cut through the air. Vortex generators ahead and behind each wheel keep the airflow uniform. The eponymous long tail is hard to miss, as are the exhaust tips ahead of it.

Their placement allows them to be flamethrowers at your command. Going hammer down causes a fuel-rich situation. After it is pre-heated by the catalytic converters, it explodes on contact with fresh air. Not only does it look cool, it might add a little thrust to help acceleration. All 8 wheel choices are forged from one billet, and arrive wrapped in Pirelli rubber.

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