Ask any classic Corvette fan about 1958. You will get hours of lecture and opinion on styling and performance. That's because the 58 Vette represents the height of Bill Mitchell's control as VP of styling. So many features are found on this year alone, it places the 58 among the most coveted Corvette model years. Our friends at Excell Auto Group came across this beauty, and it could be yours!

What makes all 58 Vettes unique starts with the grille, 9 teeth replaced 13 to make room for larger bumpers. The hood had (non-functional) louvers inspired by Corvette racing teams. The trunk had polished stainless spears, and the dash had Corvette's first 160 mph speedo. Sadly these features only lasted one year, as 1959 would be toned down.

Since it has the most desirable styling, this body was chosen to be transformed into the SpecVette 001. Because the first generation cars had poor fit & finish, this car was stripped down to bare fiberglass. And since the ancient suspension is scary by modern standards, the Roadster Shop provided a tube frame chassis that utilizes late-model Corvette magnetic suspension.

To bring the brakes into the modern era, the 4-wheel drums were replaced with 14" Wilwood rotors and 6-piston calipers. They are hidden by forged aluminum wheels that are styled after the original hubcaps. The hood is power-opening and it can be operated by the key fob. This is how you display the new LS7 (427 ci) crate motor. It is the same 505 horsepower aluminum beast that is found in every C6 Z06.

It is backed by a Bowler Performance 4L60e automatic, but the customer can choose a TKO-600 manual if desired. Under the fuel door are controls for the hood along with leads for the battery trickle charger. Inside, every interior part is new. Both seats were made by hand and recessed to give you more interior room. It also provides decent head room to the convertible top, something the original Vettes never had.

Other highlights include PPG Silver-Blue base-clear coat with Inca Blue coves. Each layer of clear was color sanded and buffed to perfection. Even the radio looks original, but it has modern internals like bluetooth. The trunk and convertible top are supported by gas struts, and power windows are hidden in plain sight. Being the first in a line of SpecVettes, it inspired car #004. This car took home GM's Car of the Year Award at SEMA last year. The asking price of $395,000 includes Z06 power, modern suspension, cold A/C and the most desirable styling in Corvette history. That's why it needs to be the centerpiece of your collection. Click the link below for all the details.

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