Stephen Curry, the two-time NBA MVP from the Golden State Warriors, was recently involved in a pretty awful series of traffic accidents in Oakland, California. The California Highway Patrol of Oakland were the ones who reported to the incident and detailed it all in a Facebook post.

To summarize the ordeal, here's what happened. Curry was driving down the road in the far left lane when a Lexus lost control in the far right lane The Lexus then veered across all lanes and into his black Porsche Panamera Turbo. Thankfully, everyone was okay. As Curry was waiting for police to arrive in the center median, a Honda Civic lost control in the far left lane. The Civic then proceeded to veer into the median and, ultimately, Curry's disabled Porsche. No injuries arose from this accident either. 

Now, TMZ Sports has published a video on YouTube of the exact moment the Lexus slams into Curry's Porsche. You can view it below.

Images via CHP - Oakland/Facebook

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