In 2017, melin and Daniel Ricciardo teamed up to create the special "Monaco" hat. After that hats successful production run, Ricciardo and melin teamed back up to create another special edition hat. Introducing the new melin x Ricciardo "Endurance" hat.

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When the two came together to create the Endurance hat, Ricciardo challenged melin to create a specific kind of hat. What he wanted was something he could wear outdoors, while out in the water and during training.

After melin went through months of engineering and testing, they came up with the final design that is the Endurance you see today.

melin ensured that the Endurance took hat technology to a whole new level. It's incredibly lightweight, sweat resistant and water friendly. On the inside of the cap is a moisture-wicking lining that will head your head dry, but this lining is also quite stylish.

The Endurance is much more than a sporty hat. WIf you're looking for very fashionable cap that can be worn with a wide variety of outfits, look no further. 

The melin x Ricciardo Endurance cap is being offered as a limited edition item at juts $99.

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At melin, a hat isn’t just an accessory... It’s the most critical part of our everyday wardrobe. It’s the billboard that tells the world who you are, what you value, your passions and how you live your life.

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