The Toyota Prius is a wonderful sedan that has paved the way for hybrid automobiles. However, many mocked the car in the early 2000's for a myriad of reasons and it even made an appearance in an episode of "South Park." So when a company like Black Rifle Coffee mounts a M61 Vulcan Cannon on a Prius, how are you to feel about it? I'm not sure how you feel about it, but I'm 100% on board with their decision. 

And I'm not being facetious either, because they literally mounted a cannon used on an F-16 fighter jet onto a Prius. Why did they pick the Prius? "Because Raptors are expensive." Fair enough. 

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In the video posted up above, you can learn everything about this stunt. They even go into detail regarding how much it costs to fire the cannon. For each round of 20mm ammo fired, the cost is $27. Because of the 6,000 round-per-minute firing rate, it costs around $2970 per second of sustained fire. Woah.