Do you currently have your eyes on an automatic watch, or already have a watchcase full of beautiful timepieces? Typically, such watches must be hand wound every two or three days to insure continuous operation. So, what is a good Watchwinder and how do you determine quality?

A Watchwinder is a powered device designed to keep automatic watches fully wound, eliminating the need for manual winding and resetting. Generally, a high quality Watchwinder is considered an investment that will save you time and keep your collection of horological beauties ticking.

Many automatic watches not only keep time, they also provide “complications” such as day and date (the calendar watch), or, in more sophisticated automatic watches, display month, year, leap-year, lunar phase, tide time, elapsed time, world time zones, etc. Naturally, each additional complication consumes spring power and further reduces the operating time between windings. All such watches, when fully unwound, must be reset in order to wear them.

The ORBITA watchwinders employ a unique and safe design concept for watch winding. A solid-state microprocessor controls a DC gear motor, which is battery or AC powered and which intermittently drives a rotating cup.

Are you wondering now, if an automatic watch can ever be overwound? It is actually a common misconception, but no, that is impossible. All automatic watches have a built-in slipping mechanism that prevents overwinding. However, this safety device should not be overstressed, as it will eventually wear. ORBITA’s high quality watchwinders provide a time control to regulate the actual winding time cycles.

The “sleep period” is easily programmed by the user based on the make of the watch. Typically, the time controls turns per day (TPD) of 650 to 1600 TPD. This provides sufficient motion to keep the watch wound. ORBITA’s worldwide known Watch Database also provides you with the right TPDs for almost all watches.

Several unique features of ORBITA’s winders differentiate them from competitive winding products, including their handsome appearance, making them fine pieces to showcase your beautiful collection.

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The ORBITA watchwinder employs a unique and safe design concept for watch winding.  In addition, ORBITA watchwinders have several unique features which differentiate them from competitive watch winding products.