The Bugatti Chiron hypercar was unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show on March 1, 2016, and on that day a legend was born. Bugatti needed something big to follow up their wildly popular Veyron, and they exceeded expectations with the Chiron. The car was named after Louis Chiron, a Monégasque (Monaco) racing driver who raced Bugattis back in the 1930's. While the name may come from the company's history, it's performance, style and design are all modern and somewhat futuristic. 

Since its unveiling, the Chiron has been flaunted at automotive events across the world and it's always the star of any show it attends. Its presence draws crowds of people of both automotive enthusiasts and those who don't know what a Bugatti car looks like. Why? Because its design exudes its status of being one of the most outrageous cars in existence.

If you've ever thought about having such a magnificent car in your collection, there really shouldn't be any questioning it. And here's why.

Drop-dead Gorgeous

Its design is one that follows function. When designing the car, Bugatti ensured that its design features all had a technical background. They not only created one of the most beautiful cars on the road today but were also able to blend design and function seamlessly. For example, the large side vents that create a "C" shape on the sides are not only function but also frame the cockpit of the car beautifully. What's more, that shape is mirrored in the cabin between the passengers, creating an aesthetic that ventures from the exterior to the interior. It's these kind of design cues that allow the Chiron to be both a piece of fine art and a car that can be respected by anyone.

The Bugatti Chiron that broke the 0-400-0 km/h record.

Fastest and Most Powerful Bugatti

During its heyday, the Veyron was known as the world's fastest car by all. Because of that, Bugatti knew they had to one-up themselves. To do that, they tuned the quad-turbocharged 8-liter W16 engine up to 1,500 horsepower. That amount of power trumps the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse's 1200 hp. Combine the Chiron's power with its extreme aerodynamics and you have the recipe for a true hypercar. There are a few production cars that could hold their own against the might of the Chiron.

The Bugatti Chiron's Engine

Unmatched Power

The amount of production cars that have as much horsepower as the Chiron can be counted on just one hand. These include the Koenigsegg Regera (1,500 hp), Hennessey Venom F5 (1,600 bhp) and the Rimac C_Two (1,914 hp). It should be noted that as of writing this, both the Venom F5 and C_Two are not in production as of yet. This means the only car currently in production that can compare to the Chiron's horsepower is the Regera. That is unless I'm missing something and if I am, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

In a Club of a Few

If you want a car that only a few own, then the Chiron is for you. Bugatti has a planned total production run of just 500. That means just 500 of the 7.7 billion people in the world will own a Chiron. As far as percentages go, that's 0.000006494%. Talk about a select few. 

The Bugatti showroom in Düsseldorf.

Resale Value

When released, the Bugatti Chiron demanded a starting price of around $3 million. Now, we're starting to see them listed for sale well above that, around $4 million and some have even broken into the $4 million range. If you wanted to buy yourself a hypercar that could make you money while it shines in your garage, look on further

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