The Dodge Demon was created to be a monster on the drag strip and put fear into its competitors. Dodge seriously went all out with the Demon in order to make it a beast and they were successful on all accounts. In fact, they were so successful that the car was reportedly banned by the NHRA in drag strip races (unless you fit it with additional safety equipment and get a competition license).

One owner of the car that has been getting every bit of horsepower out of his Demon is the YouTuber Demonology. He's been posting up plenty of videos of his Demon taking on racers at drag strips. However, it seems he needed a rematch against a Hayabusa. From what I can gather, they raced against each other in an 1/8-mile but it was difficult for the Hayabusa to launch. So, they went to the 1/4-mile and went at it again. Check out the race for yourself in the video below! (Action starts around four minutes in)