It has been 70 years since the introduction of the XK 120, so Jaguar has a few unique builds lined up. The first two were announced in a press release this morning, and they are ready to rally! With a long history in all forms of motorsports, they decided on a pair of feral cats that are ready to go offroad. 

Both cars are F-type convertibles powered by their 300 hp turbo-4, the pair were equipped with FIA-spec lighting and chassis upgrades ti be legal for competition. They are inspired by an XK 120 that completed three consecutive Alpine Rallies without a single penalty point. 

If you want in on the celebration, the F-Type "Chequered Flag Limited Edition" . They are white with black exterior accents, along with several race-inspired interior upgrades. The seats are Windsor leather with embroidered headrests, and the center console is brushed aluminum. Offered with the turbo-4 or the 3.0-liter supercharged V6. Click the link below to find our dealer near you, and stay with us for all your Jaguar news.