Warning: Drag Racing is addictive. Once you start chipping away at your car's best time, it is hard to keep it stock. Our friends at Excell Racing have been pushing their McLaren 720S into uncharted territory with upgrades strictly limited to tuning and exhaust. But now it's time for turbos, right? Those days are coming to an end.

McLaren uses the latest in turbo technology, with the hot and cold sides perfectly matched to their 4.0L V8. This is how they achieved a 9.7 second run in stock form (on Toyo drag radials). This is where they started analyzing the car's tune. Every McLaren uses a torque-by-gear system. The computer limits torque in the lower gears, giving you more as speed increases.

I want my torque all the time, it even keeps me awake at night. So the team at Excell Racing developed a new calibration after countless runs at Palm Beach International Raceway. Their efforts resulted in a blistering 9.218 @ 154.14 mph on stock turbos! A glance at the time slip shows an amazing launch. If you are looking for a pre-owned luxury or supercar, Excell Auto Group is located in Boca Raton, Florida. Their gearheads at Excell Racing will be happy to add some power for you also. Stay with us, because I sense an 8-second run coming soon!

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