Something special was needed for Porsche's 70th anniversary. To celebrate their success, they planned events around the world. Not only would the Porsche family participate, they decided to bring along an old friend. The Porsche 356 Roadster World Tour was a celebration of the first roadster ever built.

Germany was in ruins after the war, and Ferry Porsche was in a bad situation. His father was behind bars in France, because the French government wanted cash to rebuild. To pay his father's ransom, Ferry rented a sawmill in Gmünd, Austria. He and his team built 48 cars by hand, and their sales allowed the old man to come home.

Although it has been customized over the years, Porsche tracked down the owner of Roadster #1. The company paid an undisclosed sum to buy it back, and it looks great as the centerpiece of the Porsche Museum. Not content to leave it under glass, they decided to take it around the world. You might recognize the celebrity driver, as Dr. Wolfgang drove his father's car. The Porsche 356 is everything you need, and once you drive one you will understand. Click the link below to find one for yourself and stay with us for all your Porsche news.

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