The one man who knows how to get from place to place in a timely manner his none other than Santa. Who else can travel the world in such a short span of time?! That being said, it seems the jolly old man needed an upgrade and Dodge obliged.

In a new commercial from Dodge called "Upgrade, " Bill Goldberg plays the role of Santa Claus who's looking to upgrade his trusty sleigh. You may recognize Goldberg from his wrestling or NFL career. Joining him as Mrs. Claus in a social series planned for the holidays will be "All Girls Garage" host Cristy Lee.

In the video we see the elves get to work on upgrading the sleigh, drawing inspiration from the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye that's parked in Santa's garage. The result is a sleigh that has enough horsepower for the quickest toy delivery we've ever seen. Although, would it be called reindeerpower instead of horsepower? Anyways, check out the video below!