Many people looking to buy a new vehicle want one of the fastest SUVs available. Worldwide, SUVs make up over 52% of the vehicle market, and their popularity continues to grow, in part due to the various types now available. What used to be considered a staid family vehicle, the new models appeal to buyers who want a more exciting and powerful ride. Many luxury SUV models exist, and they contain advanced technology and powerful engines that make them fast as well as practical. With the ever-increasing popularity of luxury SUVs, many luxury SUV owners want a car that can do it all when it comes to luxury, practicality, and speed.

Because of this, there has been a recent increase in luxury SUVs that also inject performance into the mix. Coming from brands that have always been known to make cars that deliver the best in performance and luxury, these incredible luxury performance SUVs are changing the landscape for car enthusiasts and car buyers worldwide. They're comfortable, stylish, fun, fast, versatile, and compatible with a larger range of lifestyles than performance cars ever have been before, making for some of the best cars, let alone the best SUVs in the world. Following are some of the fastest SUVs in the world.

Aston Martin DBX 707

The new DBX707 is an SUV like no other. With blistering performance, supreme dynamics, unmistakable style and absolute luxury, it's a car that dominates in every sense. But leadership is just the beginning. DBX707 showcases true engineering mastery to unleash new levels of dynamic performance.
Aston Martin DBX 707 Specs  
0-60 mph: 3.1 s
1/4 mile: 11.5 s @ 119mph
Horsepower: 697hp
Price: $239,086

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Audi RS Q8


The Audi RS Q8 is the top model in the Q product line. It combines the power of an RS model with the elegance of a premium coupe and the flexibility of an SUV.  In addition to its RS performance, this impressive vehicle is extraordinary – both in its driving experience and in its design.

Audi RS Q8 Specs  
0-60 mph: 3.2 s
1/4 mile: 11.6 s @ 119mph
Horsepower: 591hp
Price: $126,995

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With the most powerful SUV ever produced by BMW M, the XM Hybrid drivetrain pairs a high-performance electric motor with a V-8 engine, generating impressive torque and up to ~30 miles of all-electric range.

BMW XM Specs  
0-60 mph: 3.8 s
1/4 mile: 12.2 s
Horsepower: 644hp
Price: $160,000

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Bentley Bentayga S

Bentley SUV

The Bentayga S is an SUV with attitude, featuring bold, eye-catching design, inside and out. Pairing unique sports styling with your choice of a twin-turbocharged 4.0 litre Bentley V8 engine or an advanced 3.0 liter hybrid, this is more than just an SUV. This is a vehicle for those who demand the power to make an unforgettable impression, wherever they drive.

Bentley Bentayga S Specs  
0-60 mph: 3.5 s
1/4 mile: 12 s @ 114mph
Horsepower: 542 hp
Price: $200,025

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Ferrari Purosangue


The Ferrari Purosangue is the first ever four-door, four-seater car in Ferrari’s history, but models with two rear seats have played a significant role in the company’s strategy since the very beginning. Now, in the culmination of 75 years of leading-edge research, Ferrari has created a unique car and the encapsulation of the Prancing Horse’s DNA, where performance, driving pleasure and comfort coexist in perfect harmony.

Ferrari Purosangue Specs  
0-60 mph: 3.2 s
1/4 mile: 11.7 s
Horsepower: 715hp
Price: $402,050

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk


The Trackhawk is a beautifully high-powered SUV with the heart and spirit of a track-tuned race car. Accelerating 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds, Trackhawk boasts a Supercharged 6.2L V8 engine and launch control.

Jeep Trackhawk Specs  
0-60 mph: 3.5 s
1/4 mile: 11.6 s
Horsepower: 707hp
Price: $91,665

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Lamborghini Urus Performante


Urus Performante is the sporty evolution of the first-ever Super Sport Utility Vehicle, one that defines a new segment as the absolute all-around super sports car. With its distinctive, sporting design, revolutionary use of lightweight components and improved aerodynamics, Urus Performante elevates driving fun and SUV performance to a whole new level.

Lamborghini Urus Performante Specs  
0-60 mph: 3.0 s
1/4 mile: 11.2 s @122mph
Horsepower: 657hp
Price: $268,666

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Lotus Eletre

Lotus Eletre hero image_1

The all-new and all-electric Lotus Eletre is a striking and progressive Hyper SUV. It takes the core principles and Lotus DNA from almost 75 years of sports car design and engineering, evolving them into a desirable all-new lifestyle car. Industry leading battery technology delivers more power at higher efficiencies, unlocking new levels of range and performance. 

Lotus Eletre Specs  
0-60 mph: 4.5 s
1/4 mile: 10.82 s
Horsepower: 602hp
Price: $84,500

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Mercedes-AMG G63


The Mercedes-AMG G63 has undergone the greatest change in its history - while remaining true to its well-proven virtues. The G63 underpins its unique position among performance off-road vehicles with a powerful drive system, an AMG-developed suspension, AMG-specific transmission modes and a new interior with optimal widescreen cockpit.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Specs  
0-60 mph: 3.9 s
1/4 mile: 12.5 s @ 110mph
Horsepower: 577hp
Price: $180,150

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Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT


The new performance model of the Cayenne series has convincingly proven its dynamic potential ahead of its launch. In a lightly camouflaged series production car, test driver Lars Kern needed just 7:38.925 minutes for a full lap over a distance of 20.832 kilometres on the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT Specs  
0-60 mph: 3.1 s
1/4 mile: 11.6 s
Horsepower: 631hp
Price: $182,150

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Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge


The Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge is a luxury SUV that boasts a sleek and elegant design. Its blacked-out aesthetic gives it a unique and aggressive look, and its powerful V12 engine delivers impressive performance. The interior is lavish, featuring the finest materials and advanced technology, ensuring a comfortable and sophisticated driving experience.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge Specs  
0-60 mph: 5.2 s
1/4 mile: 14.6 s
Horsepower: 563hp
Price: $397,250

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Tesla Model X Plaid

The Tesla Model X Plaid is an all-electric SUV that comes with faster acceleration and longer range than previous models. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds and has an estimated range of 340 miles on a single charge. In addition, it comes with a new redesigned interior and advanced driver assistance features, making it one of the most advanced SUVs in the market.
Tesla Model X P100D Specs  
0-60 mph: 2.5 s
1/4 mile: 9.83 s @ 143.68
Horsepower: 1,020hp
Price: $107,490

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