Sometimes the best way to sell a supercar is to tell someone they can't have it. Ford took this strategy to heart when they announced the application process for the latest Ford GT. As their flagship, the Top-Brass in Dearborn want to make sure it doesn't end up in the hands of Hoonigans (myself included). 

Of all the application videos, it seems that Ford appreciates brand loyalty. So many applicants who show their love of the 2005 Ford GT stand a better chance than most. But what about a Porsche GT3 Cup winner? Max Root is 19 years old, and his abilities on the track impressed my hometown hero, Hurley Haywood. As the receiver of Mr. Haywood's IMSA Scholarship, he knows what it takes for a Podium Finish.

In his garage are two late-model Ford Raptors along with a 2014 first-generation example. The prerequisite 2005 Ford GT is shown cruising SoCal and also performing a proper smoke show. His daily driver is a Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca, one of the most potent Pony Cars in recent history. So take a look at this honest video and let's see if we can get Ford's attention.