Customers who order the Aston Martin Valkyrie are in for a treat when they go in to customize their car. The English automaker has put together an incredibly in-depth Valkyrie customization process that will allow every example of the hypercar to be different. In fact, Aston Martin believes none of the 150 Valkyries that are slated to be created will be identical. To show us just how customizable the Valkyrie is, Top Gear went through the entire process and put together a YouTube video of their experience.

During the process, customers will have an associate walk them through the steps and guide them towards their dream car. For the Top Gear video, Libby Meigh, Interior Design Manager at Aston Martin, helps Jack Rix of Top Gear through the process. During the process, one step that really caught my eye was how customizable the paint options were. They even had a weight-saving paint option! Check it all out in the video above and be sure to shop for your own Aston Martin by clicking the button below.

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