How can an SUV look imposing & graceful simultaneously? Who could have envisioned an All Wheel Drive Rolls-Royce? The Cullinan is the answer to the problem of boring boxes. Every other SUV on the market is built to suit the needs of the masses. Even if you aren't in the market, this is why you should buy a 2018 Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo S shares its V8 engine and many other parts with the base model Bentley Bentayga and the Lamborghini Urus. Cadillac's Escalade, the GMC Yukon XL and the Chevy Suburban are nearly identical. That's because they are pushed into market with profit being the only incentive.

Rolls-Royce made a decision years ago. If they were going to enter this competitive market, almost every aspect of styling and development would be focused on their customers. Because their owners are the most loyal customers in the automotive world, they were asked what was needed in an SUV.

Of course, it needed to have the same qualities found in their cars. Complete sound isolation from the outside world. Effortless steering and a pillow-soft ride were also priorities. Another critical issue was body "rolls". Because luxury adds weight, taking a corner will cause any car to lean to the outside of the turn.

Engineers set out to address these issues, literally from the ground up. Normal SUVs are built as steel body-on-frame (GM), or aluminum unibody (Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover). The first is cheap and strong, and the second is expensive and does a poor job canceling vibrations. So Rolls-Royce chose to scale up the innovative spaceframe that was introduced on the 2018 Phantom VIII.

This allows the Cullinan to be lighter and stronger than other luxury SUVs. Having a lower center of gravity negates the body roll, and since the body panels bonded to a spaceframe, vibrations and noise are also neutralized before they get inside. The latest in air suspension and active sway bars are options by everyone else, but they are standard equipment on the Cullinan. Much like an attack submarine, every metal-to-metal connection has some form of noise and vibration abatement.

Every other SUV is built in inferior ways, because "that's how we've always done it". Rolls-Royce was not encumbered to legacies of the past. This allowed them to start from a clean slate, and shake up the world. The only area that didn't need help was their venerable V12.

The stalwart 6.75 Liter is force-fed by two turbos. Each of them is water-cooled and sound insulated. By design, a V12 engine has 2nd and 3rd order harmonic balance. This is twice as smooth as a V8, and infinitely more refined than the W12 used by competitors. You will have 570 horsepower and a meaty 627 lb-ft of torque available at almost every RPM.

Should you feel the need to send this power to parts unknown, the "Off Road" button raises all corners by 1.5" and changes the torque vectoring parameters. Cullinan transforms from a normal RWD cruiser to send engine power to any tire that needs it. In summary, Rolls-Royce has built the Cullinan to be the best by any measure.

The most comfortable, capable, and attractive SUV on the market. Oh, and it also manages to do all this while offering 18 mpg! Try to find anything that comparable, then click the link below. Our dealers will be happy to trade you out of the past and into the future, you deserve it!

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