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Originally a 1967 Fastback Mustang, this car was built and modified by Cinema Vehicle Services to be used in the 2000 feature film “Gone in 60 Seconds” ®. 

Cinema Vehicle Services is America’s largest supplier of rental picture cars and custom-built vehicles to the Television/Film/Commercial industry. Boasting a fleet of over 1,000 vehicles and over 6 acres of automotive service and history, Cinema Vehicle Services is the go-to shop for many of Hollywood’s largest productions.

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The company was contracted by Buena Vista and Touchstone Pictures to build approximately 12 of these modified Eleanor Mustangs for the feature film. With a very abbreviated build time available, Cinema Vehicles was able to produce multiple vehicles using pre-existing base cars and outfitted many of these to support various shots from chase sequences, jump sequences and multiple driving shots with the lead characters. 

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Although Cinema does not own the rights to the names or movie, we are proud to own an authentic car, one of the originals that we built for the movie.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity as this car is the last remaining Original still owned by the company and comes with the following that has never been offered on a car previously:

  • Set of original Plaster Molds created for the film. 

- Great Collectors piece.

  • Documentation package. More than just a Letter of Authenticity.
  • Parts Kit with original parts off the car from the Film.

These cars varied with both automatic and manual transmissions and multiple powertrain combinations. This particular car was used in various shots during the film and has undergone a complete restoration at Cinema’s shop in North Hollywood, CA. With only 90+ miles since the full rotisserie restoration, all interior and mechanical is completely new with the following specifications:

  • 351 Blueprint Hi-Po Engine
  • Tremec 5 Speed Transmission
  • Wilwood Disc Brakes Total Control Suspension,
  • NOS System (125-150 HP)
  • PIAA Lights

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Provided with full documentation and certificate of authenticity. Also comes with limited original parts package. Cinema Vehicles does not represent nor does it own any rights to the names or brands associated with this film and car. This is an original movie car that Cinema Vehicles built for the film and is being used under Fair Use Doctrine. "This is the last original movie car used in Various Driving sequences and will be sold with a FULL Documentation Package along with Original Parts from the car during the movie and the Original Mold Kit developed/produced for the Movie Cars. “ This package can only be offered once and once sold will not be able to be duplicated.

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For over 40 years, Cinema Vehicles has been the largest supplier of customized vehicles, automotive fabrications, and car rentals for the movie, television, and commercial industries in the country. We’re proud to offer our customers the most comprehensive, family-owned cinema vehicle services in the business out of our headquarters in the heart of North Hollywood's bustling movie production scene, as well as our full-service facility in Atlanta, Georgia.