If your car and abilities have outgrown your local track, perhaps it's time to consider a trip to the Nürburgring.  Sometimes a German translation is simply funny, and the Touristenfahrten is no exception. With cameras placed at the most challenging point of the 'Green Hell', the crew from TOP Nürburgring Videos recorded the most sensational compilation over the last 3 months. This footage speaks for itself, but there are a few conclusions we can make:
  • New Tires Are A Must
  • Check Your Suspension Bushings
  • Check Them Again
  • Buy A Rollback & Move To Germany!
Crashes are an inevitable scenario in our hobby. The final destination for many of these will be the crusher, so get ready to cringe as these exotics are smashed. Racing is a great way to enhance your skills, so click the link below to find your new ride and stay with us for all your 'Ring footage.

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