Every car generates a massive low-pressure area behind it when moving fast. This vacuum is why drafting works so well in races. But if you find yourself alone on the Mulsanne straight, it helps if your tail is longer than the competition. McLaren discovered this on in 1997 by adding 25" to the F1. The F1 LongTail had much less drag than its predecessors, making it a dominant force in the FIA GT series. And now the McLaren 600LT is the latest model to bring back the longer than normal tail. And this is why you should buy the 600LT.

Back in 2016, engineers were looking to push the 650S into uncharted territory. Taking a page from two decades earlier, the 675LT was the most driver-focused model to-date. It shared the same 'Super Series' hydraulic suspension as the P1. Because it was part of the Super Series, both the coupe and 675LT spider versions were aimed at collectors. This one-year model has appreciated far beyond what many would spend for a daily driver.

That is why you should buy a McLaren 600LT. Making history, it is the first Longtail in the 'Sports Series'. This means it does without the heavy active hydraulic systems found on their upper-level cars. Surprisingly, it does have traditional power steering to offer more feedback than the competition. What it does have are more options than any other McLaren model.

Not only does the tail help with drag, the exhaust tips are aimed directly at the low-pressure zone. This turns them into flamethrowers at full throttle, and they might even add a few lbs of thrust at the same time. The 3.8L twin-turbo V8 offers 592 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque. Given the curb weight of 2,994 lbs with 19 gallons of fuel, this car accelerates as fast as any of its big brothers.

First McLaren 600LT Delivered to Hennessey Performance

Because the 600LT is aimed at daily drivers, McLaren has three unique interior packages. You can have any color combination your heart desires, but the three pre-configured are Jet Black/Carmine Red, Jet Black and Scoria Grey, and Jet Black/Midnight Blue.

They can be had in all leather, all Alcantara, or your choice of each. Colors for the body and the brake calipers are just as wild. Don't order silver, you're better than that!

Wheels make a major statement, so which of these would you choose?

And if you want an aggressive body, McLaren offers no less than 3 MSO visual carbon fiber packages. If you want the ultimate track machine, the MSO Clubsport or Clubsport Pro deletes the comfortable seats and interior trim with carbon fiber buckets and the bare carbon fiber of the MonoCage. It is not for the feint of heart.

The 600LT is a blank canvas and you are the artist. We have barely mentioned McLaren Special Operations whose bespoke builds will blow your mind.

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