It was no great surprise that the Lamborghini Urus allowed the brand to have its best sales year ever. The Urus is a bold entry into the SUV market. It is mean, fast, and unique....And we can't get enough of it. Because it is such a different product than their supercars, the factory wants to offer the same options for customers who want a custom touch.

That's why they uploaded "Urus in Pills: Dynamic Lifestyle" on YouTube earlier today. The video highlights two new carbon fiber packages for the body. A news release on their homepage doesn't allude to the title, but it does describe each carbon package in detail.

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The lower carbon fiber package includes a new front spoiler, rocker panels, and a rear diffuser. If you need it all, the upper kit has fender flares, tailgate trim, and a rear spoiler. A new set of 23" forged wheels is an industry-first, and a nice finishing touch for the Urus. Your local Lamborghini dealer has more information on all the Urus upgrades, so click the link below for all the details and stay with us for all your Lamborghini news.

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