For some reason, every time I see a "Tesla vs supercar" video, I expect the Tesla to win. And that's probably because there are so many videos on YouTube of Teslas doing that very thing. It's become a trend to show off the electric cars taking down what is known of as supercars. I'll admit, it's entertaining to watch a four-door sedan or SUV take down an exotic car in a drag race. So when DragTimes uploads a video of a Ferrari 812 Superfast taking on a Tesla Model X P100D, for some reason, I just expected the Model X to win and surprise me. Well, not today. In the race below, the Model X was just no match for the 812 Superfast's incredibly powerful V12 engine. The Model X SUV may have had the holeshot at the beginning, but once the Ferrari got going, it just kept accelerating at a crazy rate. The performance of both cars can easily be explained by the power output of each vehicle. For example, the Model X P100D packs 588 hp and 920 lb-ft of torque. With that much torque, it makes sense it would get the holeshot. However, its horsepower pales in comparison to the 812 Superfast's 790 horsepower.

McLaren 720S Supercar Races Tesla Model S P100D

This video is just a lesson that Teslas won't always beat their competition. That being said, the Model X did manage to lay down a quarter-mile time of 11.341 @ 117.48 mph, which is incredible for a stock SUV that weighs over 5,000 lbs.

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