David Brabham won the F1 Championship in 1990 and '94. His prowess behind the wheel allowed him to easily become a dominant driver in the American LeMans Series. After winning his class at Daytona in 2003, he moved to Peugot to win LeMans outright in 2009.

Last year he announced the formation of Brabham Automotive to build a new race car. The BT62 has been caught testing around the world, and each time they have reiterated it would be a "track only" machine. But a press release this morning has put fear in the world of street legal supercars. For those who want a screaming 5.4L V8 and a light chassis, it can be ordered to meed EU and Australian regulations.

Brabham Automotive Unveils the BT62

Newspress.co.uk reported this morning that the UK model will add £150,000 (or $191,566) to the window sticker. Also mentioned is their intention to make the car available in markets around the world. To make it more practical, they started by raising the static ride height. Axle lifts front and rear will offer additional clearance, and an optional Air Conditioner will keep you cool. The steering rack has more range for easier parking, and a security system is standard equipment. More details will be released Thursday at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham, England, so stay with us for all your Brabham updates.

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