Nothing beats the sound and performance of a V12 engine with straight pipes. That is why the engineers at Apollo have borrowed the screaming V12 from the LaFerrari. Although it doesn't have the fancy hybrid KERS system, the Apollo IE uses traditional methods to unlock more power. The German engineers formerly employed by Gumpert have bumped the compression ratio and probably advanced the timing to unlock 769 horsepower and 561 lb-ft of torque.

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Europe's most exclusive supercars gathered in Ambri, Switzerland for some high speed runs. With a curb weight just over 2,700 lbs, the Apollo IE can be heard spinning in almost every gear. The owner preferred to be anonymous because of the $2.7 Million-dollar price tag. IE stands for Intense Emotion, and Apollo hit the nail on the head. Only 10 examples will be produced, so stay with us for more coverage of this rare machine. While you are waiting for yours to be delivered, click the link below to browse our latest listings of exotic cars for sale.

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