If you need the ultimate in armored luxury, the Secret Service will not help you. That's because the Presidential Limo is loaded with top secret technology. Fox News published the first images of the new 'Beast' last night. It shares a resemblance to President Obama's Beast, but the advancements are easy to see. Using influences from the latest Cadillac CT6, that is all it shares with a production car. What details we do know is that it rides on a heavy-duty truck chassis to support the thick armor. Everyone likes to think the engine is something advanced when in reality it is probably carbureted big-block Chevy with a points-style ignition. This makes it impervious to Electromagnetic Weapons, and the huge energy surge released by atomic weapons. You won't find these tires at any shop, because they have several composite layers in addition to a solid inner tube to support the car in case they are deflated. The cooling system has better ballistic protection than a tank because a radiator would be the first place an attacker would aim for.
Look at the thick doors of Beast 1.0 (Source)
For the 5 occupants inside, their air is treated for chemical, biological, and radiation before it reaches the A/C. The car also has onboard oxygen tanks in case of a dirty bomb. Being able to shrug off a 20mm incendiary is mandatory for traveling through scenic 3rd world destinations, and the way it does so uses the latest in metallurgy and acrylics. Along with redundant communication systems, the weight probably offers a smooth ride. Along with his family and the Secret Service, the Beast also carries the "Nuclear Football". If the US is attacked, it provides enough time to transmit launch orders to the National Command Authority. GM is building a dozen examples to keep the bad guys guessing, and to ensure our VIPs can survive any situation. Check out the prototype in the film below and stay with us for all your exotic car news. Click the link below to browse Terradyne Gurkhas for sale, because it is the closest we will ever get!

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Featured Image Source: Instagram / @danscavino