Post Malone's days are getting better after being in a plane that had its tires pop and having a car smash into his Rolls-Royce. To start, he purchased himself a new Rolls-Royce Phantom to make up for the wrecked Rolls. Now, he's taken delivery of a wild new Lamborghini Aventador SV. That car was modified by R1 Motorsport in Los Angeles, California and it's a beauty. The exterior of Post's Lamborghini has been enhanced with Novitec's carbon fiber kit and lowering springs, as well as Brixton Forged wheels. However, the cherry on top of this supercar has to be the new exhaust system from R1 Motorsport. When the car was delivered, the driver gave it a few revs. The result was deafening to the point where Post had to cover his ears.

Post Malone's Car Collection is Epic
Featured Image via Instagram/@R1Motorsport