Barn finds happen all of the time, but very few of them are worth mentioning. This car happens to be one of the rare noteworthy barn finds. When you consider this car's rarity, history and prestige, it's one for the books. The current owner of this 1934 Bentley 4½-liter Blower Tourer had been looking for a pre-war Bentley for some time. In fact, he had one of his close friends keep an eye out for one during his travels. It's a good thing he asked him to be on the lookout because that very friend tipped him off about a car being held in an old barn on an estate that was being sold. That friend wasn't too sure if it was the same Bentley he was looking for, or if it was a Bentley at all. Not wanting to miss out on a possible purchase, the owner brought along a Bentley expert to verify the car's make and model.
A flight was needed to take the owner and Bentley expert to the car, as it was far away but worth the time. The mystery car was located in a barn behind hay bales and old farming equipment. It was not where you'd expect a pre-war Bentley to be located, but after just five minutes of inspecting the car, it was clear. "Just get it out of here, this is the real deal," the owner recalls the Bentley expert saying and he did just that. The gauges from Lancaster Bombers and Spitfires were just a couple of hints that pointed towards this car's legitimacy. A team was needed to push the newfound classic Bentley from the barn to a covered transport vehicle. From there, it would travel to a Bentley facility for restoration.
Amazingly enough, one of the Bentley engineers started the engine right up and managed to drive it around the block. We're talking about a car that's over eight decades old being able to start up and drive without any serious mechanical repairs. That's when the owner and the Bentley restorers knew they were working on a very special car. The restoration process of this Bentley would take about three years. During this period of time, the owner would have to fly in to have the car fitted to his specifications. Bentleys made during this car's time period were fitted to each driver, thus prompting the need for readjustment when there's a new owner. On top of the fittings, the car was completely stripped, had its parts refinished and rebuilt, all with a white-coat treatment you'd expect from Bentley. The car also had to be modified to meet roadworthy status in the United Kingdom.
When all was said and done with the restoration, the car was shipped to California. In the West Coast sunshine, this 1934 Bentley 4½-liter Blower Tourer was alive again and in impeccable condition. If you don't believe us, ask the countless amount of "Best in Show" awards the car and owner have accrued over the years. The owner remembers one judge at the Great Australian Rally, the Bentley's first show, saying it was "like a Swiss watch." It would go on to win "Outright Best of Event" at this very event.
Now, this award-winning and historic car is up for sale. The owner is giving a collector a rare chance at owning a pre-war Bentley that is a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Many classics are on the market today, but few are as pristine and noteworthy as this one. For inquiries, please email:

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