If you treat each build and customer like family, it sends signals across the automotive industry. Seth Burgett started Gateway Broncos to save the first American SUV from going extinct. Based near St. Louis, their 60,000 sq. ft. headquarters is a complete restoration facility.

Utilizing the latest technologies along with a skilled team, their attention to detail allowed the to become a low-volume manufacturer by the NHTSA. This certification process is so rigorous that only a handful of restoration shops choose to endure it. This achievement was noticed at SEMA by Gary Patterson, President of Shelby American.

Seth had recently discovered Carroll Shelby's Bronco, which happened to be the prototype for the first production 1966 models. After experiencing a few Gateway Broncos in person, Gary knew what had to be done. His first notion was to call Jim Owens, the head of Ford Performance. A resto-mod Bronco would be a great way to show off the 5.0L Coyote Crate Engine and the Raptor's six-speed automatic.

Seth and his team had already perfected this combination by building their own motor mounts, transmission crossmember, and driveshafts. It wasn't just the integration of the drivetrain. The process of taking each Bronco down to bare metal and starting over. Coating each panel with their proprietary rust-proofing before reassembly is just one of the ways a Gateway Bronco is better than it was on the showroom floor.

Jim informed his superiors of the Gateway process, and they responded in an unprecedented manner. Ford chose Gateway Bronco to be the official supplier for 1st generation Broncos. Normally Ford will license a Mustang fender or an F-150 accessory. But the fact that Ford has licensed the entire buil is quite an acheivenment.

Starting at only $120,000, your Gateway Bronco will arrive with modern suspension riding on locking differentials. Their bodies are un-cut survivors with better panel fit than any original. The Coyote V8 Bronco and Raptor automatic are 50-state legal, and easily serviced at any Ford dealer. Imagine cruising with ice-cold A/C on Bison Leather seats, Gateway can make it happen. Only 2 to 4 examples are completed each month, and the orders are already stacked up well into the year. So click the link below for all the details and stop by their booth at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale to see their latest builds.

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