When it was introduced over a decade ago, the stunningly beautiful design of the Ferrari 458 Italia changed the design language of the Ferrari brand, and that change still has an effect on the Prancing Horses of today. The iconic supercar is celebrated for its incredible looks, still-impressive performance, and dedication to timeless performance car driving fun. One of the most important facts about the 458 Italia engine is the fact that it was the last naturally aspirated Ferrari V8 supercar. Many performance car purists prefer the experience of a naturally aspirated engine over forced-induction counterparts due to their different torque curves and engine notes, and the Ferrari 458 Italia displays excellence when it comes to both. When it comes to collector cars of the Cavallino Rampante creed, the Ferrari 458 has everything it takes to make for one of the best and most desirable modern examples, and it makes for a perfect addition to any garage, but especially a beautiful Ferrari collection.

Ferrari 458 Italia Review

First released in 2009, the Ferrari 458 Italia specs brought a new take to an iconic brand. The Ferrari team combined great design with advanced technology to create a car that is amazingly fun to drive. The Millechili concept car and Enzo Ferrari design elements result in this lightweight but sporty addition to the line-up. The 2015 advertised Ferrari 458 MSRP is $239,340, but the actual Ferrari 458 price may be even higher. The manufacturer advertises a production cap of approximately 10,000 per model year, and the 458 Italia is no longer in production.

Before everyone turned to turbos, this car represents the last screaming naturally-aspirated masterpiece from Maranello. Downshifting a few gears will have you at 7,000 rpm. This is where the power really kicks in. Sure, turbos offer more power, but the linear torque curve and high-rpm excitement are unmatched. That's why aftermarket exhaust and larger cams will allow your Ferrari 458 Italia specs to be truly unique. The weight is distributed 42/58 with an obvious rear bias. Don't be intimidated if you are coming from a front-engine car, a stab of the accelerator will help you rotate through the corners.

Ferrari 458 Italia Engine

The F1-inspired Ferrari 458 engine is powerful yet efficient. The 4.5 L V8 engine yields 562 horsepower when the needle goes to 9,000 rpm. At a more driveable 6,000 rpm, the engine produces a generous 398 lb-ft of torque. As a result, the Ferrari 458 0-60 is only 3.4 seconds. The direct fuel injection system, which Ferrari had never before used on its road cars, improves combustion efficiency. As the fuel consumption is about 7 gallons per 100 miles, the Ferrari 458 mpg is 17.7 on the highway and 13 in the city — impressive for a luxury sports car. It is the last naturally aspirated V8 for the foreseeable future, as everything going forward will have twin turbos. The oil filter is easily available online, and it is easy to access to keep your Ferrari 458 Italia specs in perfect running order.

When you look at any Ferrari 458 for sale, the engine is a model of dependability. It has dual throttle bodies, dual oxygen sensors, and even mass airflow. All in the name of redundancy. The timing chain is designed to last the life of the car, so there are no engine-out services for belts. There is one accessory belt for the water pump alternator and A/C, and it is easily changed by removing the right rear wheel. Nothing that can't be done on the driveway with a few sockets.

Ferrari 458 Italia Transmission

The Ferrari 458 Italia comes with only one transmission option, but it is top of the line. The dual-clutch 7-speed Getrag gearbox is only available to a few luxury models on the market and it does a fantastic job handling the Ferrari 458's horsepower. As a break from tradition, this is also the first mainstream model Ferrari to do away with the classic gated manual option. This means you can fully focus on your driving instead of fiddling with gears. With an integrated E-Diff 3 electronic differential, the sporty gearbox is compact and lightweight.

One of the best features of the Ferrari 458 Italia specs is that transmission and engine services can be done at home. Sadly, the Ferrari 458 Italia specs did not include a manual transmission. The gearbox was their first dual-clutch, and it is a work of art. Getrag updated the electronics and programming in 2011 to allow for quicker shifts and less wear on both clutches. Instead of the single disk used in earlier cars, this Ferrari 458 transmission clutch pack is designed to last the life of the car.

Ferrari 458: Facts You Need To Know

Ferrari 458 Italia Specs:

Engine: 4.5-Liter V8
Horsepower: 562 hp
Torque: 398 lb-ft
0-60 mph: 3.4 seconds
Top Speed: 210 mph
Transmission: 7-Speed Dual-Clutch

Ferrari 458 Italia Brakes

The Ferrari 458 Italia specs include standard 4-corner ceramic self-ventilated disc brakes. The CCM (carbon-ceramic material) braking system is derived from Ferrari's F1 technology. It includes 15.7 x 8.8 x 1.4 inch front discs and 14.2 x 9.2 x 1.3 inch back discs. The Ferrari 458 top speed is over 202 mph. To ensure the braking system is adapted to the performance of this car, Ferrari increased the disc size compared to previous models. Thanks to its CCM braking system, the Ferrari 458 Italia can go from 60 mph to zero in only 107 feet. If you plan on road racing, the cast-iron discs from the challenge cars are available. The Ferrari 458's hp is a lot to handle, but these brakes are up to the task.

Ferrari 458 Italia Design

From the sleek shape to the scoop over the rear wheel arches, the exterior of the Ferrari 458 Italia is in line with the Maranello brand's characteristic style. But the Ferrari 458 Italia specs moved the Ferrari style forward by improving aerodynamics. The compact design focuses on reducing the 458 Italia's weight and lowering its center of gravity. Other aerodynamic features include side air intakes and a single-opening front grille. The flat underbody has air intakes for cooling the engine bay. The two air intakes on the rear wings direct cooler air to the oil radiators for the gearbox and the dual-clutch transmission, while dragging out the hot air. To wrap up the exterior design of the Ferrari 458 Italia, the triple exhaust pipe gives the car a seriously sporty look.

What makes the Ferrari 458 specs appealing in design is that it is one of the last cars to be influenced by Pininfarina. To celebrate seven decades of cooperation, the final examples of the Ferrari 458 were named Sergio to honor the famous designer. Now with styling under the "Centro Stile", many enthusiasts are embracing the futuristic lines.

Ferrari 458 Italia Price

As this Ferrari model has earned many awards across the world, the 458 cost is likely to be an investment rather than a sunk cost. Ferrari produced the 458 Italia between 2009 and 2015, and the price of a new 2015 model was $239,340. This Ferrari model is one of the last designed by Italian design firm Pininfarina together with the in-house Ferrari Styling Center. Now that they have a few miles on the odometer, it is not hard to find a great 458 for under 180,000. However, the Ferrari 458 Italia price will depend heavily on the age and mileage on the odometer. If you're interested in one of the special models that came from the 458 Italia, like the 458 Spider, or the rare 458 Speciale and the 458 Speciale Aperta, expect to pay quite a bit more for one of those prized, collector-grade examples of Ferrari excellence. The big variable is service. As long as the engine and transmission have had regular fluid changes, the car will be incredibly reliable. If the owner didn't follow break-in procedure or skimped on the recommended oil, you could save money up front only to spend big when it comes time to refurbish the drivetrain.

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Ferrari 458 Italia Interior

The Ferrari 458 interior blends function and ergonomics. The position of driver's seating is more comfortable than in all previous Ferrari models. Though it's designed to reduce weight, the interior doesn't lack Ferrari flavor: a mix of luxury and style. The cockpit features racing seats with superb leather upholstery and high-quality trimmings. You start feeling like a pilot the moment you grab hold of the multi-function steering wheel. The turn signals are mounted on the steering wheel spokes, and navigation and radio controls are in pods flanking the wheel. Their most desirable options include Daytona seats, contrast stitching, and a yellow tachometer. The Ferrari 458 Italia specs include more insulation than its predecessors, with more creature comforts than many cars in this class.

Perhaps one of the best attributes is hiding in plain sight. The aluminum space frame is much stronger than its predecessor while also being more comfortable. The door sills are lower, the driving position is optimal and visibility is great. The Ferrari 458 interior also did away with the rubberized coating that was Haute Couture in the late '90s. This car also falls into the era before microfiber invaded. Pure Italian leather in your choice of contrast stitching. Daytona seats in 2-tone were an expensive option.

Ferrari 458 Italia Standout Features

Given the Ferrari 458 specs, from powerful F1-inspired engine and gearbox to aerodynamic features, it's no surprise this car is a head-turner. While the model was in production, it topped rankings in many countries, from the US to the UK and all the way to Japan. A luxury sports car backed up by F1-derived technology, the Ferrari 458 Italia specs allow it to be the first road car with this cylinder capacity to reach 9,000 rpm. The top features of this Ferrari model include forged wheels, racing seats, and the iconic prancing horse.

Turning to the world's best aluminum foundry, most of the chassis and suspension is stamped and forged by Alcoa. Brembo supplies the calipers, but the wheels, control arms, doors, fenders and event the interior trim is made by Alcoa. The same company that built the drivetrain for the Wright Brothers is still making high-performance machines in the 21st century.

The exhaust system, though lightweight, sounds unmistakably Ferrari. And, following Ferrari's tradition for 8-cylinder sports cars. The engine is visible through the rear screen. A car with superb driveability, the Ferrari 458 Italia is for those who want performance first. The steering is sublime, even on tight curves, and the car is so responsive you get race thrills every time. This is not just a Ferrari. It's a tamed race car for connoisseurs.

As you can see, the Ferrari 458 Italia is a truly fantastic car that will be sought after for years to come. With style, impeccable handling and plenty of power, the 458 supercar is a wonderful Ferrari to add to any collection.

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