Happy Birthday Mr. Schumacher! We hope you are recovering well. To celebrate the life and achievements of their most prolific driver, the Ferrari Museum has unveiled something new in Maranello.

Michael 50 tells the story of trials and tribulations of 91 victories and 155 podium finishes. Inside the Hall of Victories are the most significant cars of his 11-year run with Scuderia Ferrari. These F1 veterans include the F310 from 1996. He pushed it to the limits to win 3 GPs in his first season.

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You would expect the cars and his victories to play center stage, but there is another chapter of his life also on display. Michael spent the off-season as a development engineer for street cars. The handling and refinement of the F430 Scuderia and the California were fine tuned with his help.

This new exhibit will run concurrently with the 'Driven by Enzo' and their 'Passion and Legend' collections at the museum. If you are planning an Italian Excursion this should be at the top of your list. We will never stop hoping to see you back behind the wheel, so Happy Birthday Michael Schumacher!

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