Magnus Walker has a goal: he wants an example of every Porsche sports car to be in his collection. No matter how many cars he eventually aquires, nothing compares to #277. What started life as a 911 T from 1971, it began a transformation to resemble a '73 RS Carrera. Once he realized the potential of this masterpiece, he raced the car 40-50 times a year. Porsche uploaded the video to YouTube, and it sparked a debate about low-mileage collectibles vs cars that actually get driven.

Timelapse Build of Magnus Walker’s Porsche Engine

I bought my dream car back in 2001, and it's approaching 100,000 miles. And like Magnus mentions, it is therapeutic to get behind the wheel of an old friend. You know every control without looking, and you also know how hard it can be pushed on the street. Tell us your thoughts on his ideology in the comments below and stay with us for all your Porsche news.

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