When it comes to extracting every ounce of power, Motor Trend's Randy Pobst is a legend. Jaguar and Land Rover have been on a horsepower frenzy, stuffing their supercharged V8 into anything with wheels. Their latest creation is set to shake up the world of supercar sedans. We have covered the XE SV before, but this is its first official flogging by us rebellious colonials. As a CTS-V owner, I take note of sedan lap times, especially if they fly the Union Jack. Under the hood, the boost has been turned up to make 590 horsepower. But Jaguar says only 300 examples will be made, making them instant collectibles. Every time another automotive journalist says V8 sedans are dead, its up to us to prove them wrong. If you want to be considered for the ultimate XE, click the link below to find our dealer near you and have a great weekend!

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