We hope you are ready for this: a new year has yielded a new 2020 Porsche 911. The 992 series remains true to form, even at a distance. This is something that can't be said of any other competitor. It was probably a challenge, as designers have been forced to integrate new technologies and upgrades within the given parameters.

As always, their efforts have resulted in a stunning new version of our favorite rear-engine friend. In the latest episode of Porsche Top 5, Director of Exterior Design Peter Varga has compiled the top 5 exterior features of the 992 series Porsche 911.

His favorite aspects start with the new 3rd brake light. It has been integrated into the rear grille and it commands attention from traffic behind you. The new body also carefully sculpted to make the car appear lower. While ride height has not been changed much, the 3D trickery used here make it resemble a body-dropped race car. Tell us your favorite part of the new car in the comments below, and click the link to find a new Porsche 911 near you!

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