Designed by McLaren to be the ultimate daily driver, the 570GT has room for groceries and a comfortable ride. Just because it has a leather-lined package tray doesn't mean it lacks the potential of the other Spors Series cars. That's why Excel Racing in Boca Raton, Florida decided to turn up the boost. Their XR700 package is a comprehensive series of McLaren upgrades along with dyno tuning. After a series of runs, they achieve their goal.
Sending 631 horsepower and 563 lb-ft to the ground is quite impressive, especially considering their V8 is only 3.8-liters. So to make sure it is reliable, the tune is programmed to dump extra fuel when the turbos and exhaust gets hot. This seems counterintuitive, but gas does cool the system. Without oxygen, it can't burn until it reaches the tailpipes! Congrats to the team at Excel Racing on this achievement, and click on the link below to find a 570GT for yourself.

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