It seems like 2018 went by quickly. Almost as fast as a new Bugatti Chiron. Going fast is incredibly fun, but stopping fast is just as important. That's why they have developed the best brakes in the automotive industry. The world's first 3D printed looks almost organic.

2018 Bugatti Chiron Specs & Price

It has several exposed areas to mitigate heat, so how can it be strong enough to clamp down on the 16.5" carbon ceramic rotors? Each pair of the 8 calipers are a unique size, but the real secret is in their material. The pistons and the monoblock calipers are 3D printed- from TITANIUM!

The same element that was forged to build the SR-71 Blackbird is not cheap, and it's not easy to work with. Nevertheless, watch the best brakes ever made being tested to hellish temperatures. If you need to feel them in action click the link below to find a Bugatti near you.

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