If you want to see where hypercars will be in 20 years, look no further. Our friend Mr. Koenigsegg realized at an early age that automotive technologies were poised for a revolution. We've covered the Agera RS and the Regera Ad Nauseum, but here is a quick rundown. The RS is the world's fastest production car, with an official speed of 277 mph. It makes 1,360 horsepower and has a 7-speed sequential transmission.

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The other one is something truly unique. You won't find a transmission anywhere on the Regera. Bolted to the flywheel is a billet torque converter that generates electricity. That voltage is sent to motors on each rear wheels to power the car up to 70 mph. At that speed, the converter locks up to the 2.73 differential for Direct Drive. Without gears or drivetrain loss, it is probably the most efficient car ever built. Click the link below to find your Koenigsegg and stay with us for all your Jay Leno updates.