Nurburgring is without a doubt one of the most famous places to race in the world. The most well-known portion of the Nurburgring is Nordschleife, which consists of 73 turns, massive differences in elevation and long spans of straight roads. Nordschleife's variations make it a difficult road and because of this, there are many spin-outs and crashes that happen all of the time. Recently, John Shoffner of J2 Racing was taking on Nordschleife in his Porsche 911 GT3 Cup race car for the VLN Endurance Championship. When he was coming around a corner, he lost control and his car was launched into the guardrails while it rolled 9.5-times. Eventually, the Porsche stopped rolling and it landed on its roof. You can view the video of this crash by Eifeler888 below. Fortunately, John is okay. He was taken to intensive care at a hospital, but J2 Racing has said he was released from IC the following day but was to remain in the hospital for monitoring. They also note he's feeling "ok, with no pain." We wish John Shoffner a speedy recovery and hope he gets back behind the wheel soon!