The first production car by Tesla was their Roadster which was unveiled a decade ago. It was based on a Lotus but featured a 53 kWh battery and a 3-phase AC motor. Twelve years and several thousand cars later, the 2020 Roadster is poised to shake up the industry. Using battery improvements pioneered on the Model S P100 and the Model X, the 2020 Tesla Roadster will arrive with a 200 kWh battery.

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With four times the power of its predecessor, Jay Leno decided to take control of their latest creation. While it would have been nice to drive the 1st example, it is on its way to the outer solar system, thanks to a Space X test flight. It arrives with three motors, one for the front and two for the rear. The allows it to have 7,400 lb-ft of torque at any speed. If you drive politely, you will have 620 miles between charges. Tell us what you think in the comments below, and click the link to find a Tesla for yourself.

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